Celiacs and Dairy

A few years ago a newly diagnosed customer came into the bakery and had a panini. Not long after she left she phoned questioning me. Told me she was just positive she had gluten in my place. I assured her we have very stringent guidelines and that everything is gluten free. She said she had the same reaction she’d been … Read More


Finding out you must change your diet and eat gluten free can be overwhelming. Figuring out how to take your tried and true favorite recipes and convert them.. tricky. That is exactly what I did all those years ago in my simple kitchen in our home. The secret to my success? Persistency! Yes, you will fail. Take those failures look … Read More

A Spring Thing

This time of year we all get a little spring fever. Things are starting to have buds pop out or even bloom. Then we have this thing called the SUN showing itself far more than we’ve seen in months. Birds are chirping and bees are buzzing. For us here at the bakery we are also buzzing about making new flavors. … Read More

What is Success?

People have asked me often lately what Success looks like to me? Is it achieved with our new Joseph Beth Booksellers location? Is it to be in every Natural Grocery in the country? Is it to be rich? Is it to have 500 locations? Is it.. to be on Oprah. lol Honestly I really didn’t know until recently what success … Read More

The Trouble with eating at someone else’s house

I was just reading a post on a Celiac group I am a member of here on Facebook.  A lady was so frustrated with how she is being treated by her extended family (parents, siblings) and about ready to go off on someone.   Boy, I have been there.  You may be there right now.  You cannot help having Celiac … Read More

What does it all mean?

Paleo Trifle

Lately a lot of people have asked “What does it all mean?” What they are referring to is all the diet terminology out there. So, I thought I would help simplify and clarify. Here goes: Gluten Free – No Wheat or white flour, barley or rye. Nothing fried in oil that has fried things using those flours (you cannot kill … Read More

Conquering Menopause

I’m fifty two and in the tail end (hopefully) of menopause. Why am I telling you this? Because I believe as women we should be transparent about what is going on with our bodies. I am proud to be in my fifties. I don’t want to look or act like I’m twenty. I’m vibrant, energetic and love life. Menopause has … Read More

What the ……. rutabaga?

What the “rutabaga” are you thinking still eating white potatoes instead of rutabaga’s?  Who among you have heard or these veggies?  Anyone ever eaten them?  Well, I had not. Julie our Culinary Nutrition expert at GFM told me she had recently discovered this amazing little vegetable that I just had to try.  She proceeded to explain that rutabagas are loaded … Read More

Do you have NDD? We can help.

Ever heard of NDD?  Believe it or not most of us have it. Children are the ones most prone to NDD, however I personally know many adults who have it.  What is NDD?  Nutrition Deficit Disorder.  In fact many people are misdiagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and really have NDD instead.   NDD can cause brain fog, mood swings … Read More

How’s it going?

I gave a Paleo Challenge and would love to know how it is going?  If you took the 40 day challenge, by now you should seriously be reaping the rewards.  If you have not taken the plunge, go ahead and dive into a better way of eating to seriously empower you.  Here is my Paleo Pot Pie recipe:   1 … Read More