Do you have NDD? We can help.

Ever heard of NDD?  Believe it or not most of us have it. Children are the ones most prone to NDD, however I personally know many adults who have it.  What is NDD?  Nutrition Deficit Disorder.  In fact many people are misdiagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and really have NDD instead.  

NDD can cause brain fog, mood swings with severe agitation.  Your biochemical balance is out of whack and you typically will crave sugars carbs and fake fats.  When your brain doesn’t get the fuel (Nutrition) it needs, the brain sends a signal to the adrenal glands for help.  They pump out stress hormones which then asks the liver for help. Your hungry deprived brain has begun to fidget, wants you to get up and do something about it and you begin to move around even in you should be sitting at your desk in school. The brain says “Come on man, move.” So, you do.  It wants you to move and get it some “real” fuel. 

With so many, especially kids it is a never ending cycle.  Eat a junky bowl of cereal head to school on all the sugar.  Then when the brain is freaking out from lack of nutrition, you feed it more junk during snacks and lunch.  Your poor brain triggers all sorts of behaviors trying to get your or anyones attention. 

You see so many of us don’t understand the importance of FOOD.  We’ve been misled for years by the FDA and it’s suppose perfect food pyramid.  But, in reality we don’t need the grains and carbs or need very little.  If you can get 3x’s more fiber in a cup of spinach than in two slices of bread… why eat the bread?  Don’t get me wrong I like bread, and our bread is higher in fiber than almost any out there because we don’t use simple grains.  

What I do to ensure my son (16) Connor starts his day on the right track is a protein smoothie.  Recipe below.  It is loaded with  3-4 servings of vegetables and fruit, pea protein and his probiotic. He loves his smoothies and has found that he does better staying focused at school.  If I’m at the bakery early and he doesn’t take the time to make one for himself, he says he can definitely tell a difference.  He’s sluggish, unfocused, bored and irritable.  

The smoothie has made all the difference in us both. I had an employee Andy who appeared exhausted all the time.  One day I told him I felt he was not getting enough nutrition.  I told him about the smoothies.  He went and immediately got the ingredients for them and began making one every morning. I could see a difference his next shift.  His color was better, his smile brighter and there was definitely a pep in his step.  That was a year ago and he is still doing them today.  Won’t you give it a try?  Take control of your health ensuring you and your family do not suffer from NDD any longer. 

We have a culinary certified Nutritionist and a holistic dietician at our bakery to help you overcome NDD.  Call for an appointment (859)278-8888.

Denise’s Smoothie

2 scoops of Orgain protein powder, 1 bai  or almond milk, 1 banana, 1 ½ cups organic dark berries (I use frozen from Costco),  1 ½ cups spinach or kale , 1 large carrot, ⅛ tsp. probiotic powder.  Then I blend it in my Ninja Blender (emulsified very well without the extreme cost of a vitamix). Mix it up to find your perfect blend. 

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