It’s a crazy world…. so eat CAKE!

As I see notifications pop up on my phone about the crazy day to day things happening in the world I remember my granny telling me at a very young age of 9ish… “Neecey, the world is a mess. It’s gone to hell in a handbag. I know it’s the end times and the rapture will be any day. Praise the Lord. So, be ready. In the meantime eat cake.”

I’d go visit granny at her senior apartment about twice a month. I looked forward to those visits so much. Sure the cake helped. lol But, ya’ll whether it is the end times or not, life is sure gone a muck and I feel it would be so easy to be overwhelmed and let anxiety and depression settle in. Especially after our 2020 pandemic experience. But, ya’ll we survived that and we WILL continue to survive. We must learn to find a purpose and peace. It is essential to our existance. And guess what? This is the only life you get. So I encourage you to take charge and fight back against the worlds ideas of existance and pressures.

I choose to find “joy” daily. Simple things really… my family, my baking, my friends, my dog, mostly my faith. What do you have that brings you joy? Focus on that. Even if it’s cake.

Much love,


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  1. We live in Louisville and we love your breads. But it seems that Whole Foods is not carrying your coconut bread anymore? Also, I really want to read all the ingredients of all the products that you have on your website please? Where do I find a list of those ingredients please?

    1. You are correct it was not selling well enough to allocate space. You would have to order directly and we do not ship at this time. WE have others that order like 6 loaves at a time or more and come pick up at my house in Versailles. That is closer than the bakery to you.

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