Happily Aging Together

Let’s face it we all are aging. We can “choose” to happily age or wine moan and complain about it. Sure we can let the worlds idea of aging press in and make us feel old and even dicredpid. My man and I choose to age together naturally and vibrantly. Our goal since married 23 years ago is to age and die together. Not easy… he’s three years younger.

Here’s the thing I love gray hair. Gray and white hair are goregous. I see my hair turning gray and think it is shiny and pretty the way the bathroom lights hit it. My husband says we are getting natural highlights. We have not allowed the media’s idea of aging to taint our biblical view of it. Gray hair is a crown of splender (proverbs 16:31, & 20:29). Why do we in today’s society think it makes us look old and ugly? I have friends that are seventy and up, that color their hair. That is fine if that makes them feel good. But, they hate doing it. They just feel they look ancient without. I think their natural hair is fabulously beautiful. Really, truly love it. Granted it is my opinon and not the popular opinion.

We don’t judge if you need to do something to make yourself feel beautiful. So many of my friends have. For us feeling healthy and vibrant because of our food choices and staying active is beautiful. Beauty from the inside out. We love to kayak and hike. We also exercise frequently. Scott with weights and running and me with stretches and light weights. Feeling good makes me feel pretty. My husband is more attractive to a firm body than anything. He’s a “leg and booty” man. lol

I also make us healthy shakes eveyday with loads of healthy veggies, fruits and supplements. In fact I hate pills so most of our vitamins are in powder and I add to the shakes. We eat organic and gluten free. Very careful to eat local beef and chicken. Only wild caught seafood. Which I would eat everynight if he would. I love all fishes. Just super healthy food choices. Low sugar, and then only natural. Low carb – yes even though I own a bakery. No we are not perfect, we do have cheat day on Saturday. Now that does not mean a whole day of eating bad. Just a dessert or ??

Covid at least opened the aging naturally door wide open. Since people couldn’t get hair colored or aging treatments. That was one of the cool things to come out of it. So many celbrities were even posting how they were embracing the natural process. Many people I know did the same. Most everyone I know started cooking from scratch and eating healthier too. Win Win, ya’ll.

I really want to encourage you to embrace the process. Aging is inevitable, so love aging your way. Not the world’s way. I personally make an oil mixture for my body: Olive oil, shea butter, frankensense and I use marula oil, argan oil, frankensense, with a touch of olive oil for my face. Manuka honey I’ve been reading is also great! I just ordered some to add to my mixtures. I used it once to help with poison ivy and MRSA years ago. No, I’m not a model. No one is begging me to do that, but I like healthy glowing skin.

Do you remember when media and big companies were promoting a super matte finish? It was heavy laden with heavy makeup and super powder. The makeup and powder would get in your creases and if no creases yet, wouldn’t take long because it would weigh down your skin. Powders are drying and make us look even older. Shine does not mean oily skin. I love that their are so many products out now with a GLO effect. For me Shine means healthy glow. I don’t wear a lot of makeup as most of you know, but when I do I use a gluten free affordable brand Elf. I also love the Boom Sticks by Cindy Joseph.

My dear friend Cindy C. is absolutely the best example of aging gracefully. She embraced the natural gray look like twenty years ago. Always looks gorgeous with trendy clothes and touches of eye liner and lips. She rides her bike and does exercise classes. She eats pretty good and has overall great health. She is 68! She knows what we have learned, it comes from the inside out. Take care of your temple and it will take care of you.

My friend Cindy C.

My man and I have big plans, loads of grandkids (don’t tell Connor, he’ll run). We want to have fun with them and enjoy being grandparents whenever that happens. For now, we are enjoying life toghether as we age.

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