What is Success?

People have asked me often lately what Success looks like to me? Is it achieved with our new Joseph Beth Booksellers location? Is it to be in every Natural Grocery in the country? Is it to be rich? Is it to have 500 locations? Is it.. to be on Oprah. lol

Honestly I really didn’t know until recently what success would be like until I achieved it. Yes… to me I have reached a wonderful modem of success.

One day recently I had a customer in the bakery and she exclaimed that meeting me had changed her life. I didn’t have a mirror handy, but I am pretty sure I began to glow. I felt so elated and honored as she went on.

She told me that when she met me, I really challenged her to do her own research and learn learn learn. I had told her Knowledge is Power and that she should do her homework. I am certain I had overwhelmed her initially with all my information about the “why” we need to eat gluten free and/or grain free and so on. About what is wrong with our food in this country and to take control of her health by choosing wisely with what she puts in her mouth.

Since then she has been empowered by doing just that. She said she couldn’t thank me enough for helping her to see the “light” about our food. She is healthy and vibrant now. Her family is healthier and loving the food she gives them. Like with our treats and food here, you can have amazing wonderfully tasty treats that are really good for you.

The problem is so many people do not really know what healthy is. We’ve been fooled by the FDA and media for far to long. But.. that is another blog post all together.

For this small business owner, success is knowing I made a difference.

In 2019 my goal is pretty simple: Keep on making a difference. Build relationships and step out of my comfort zone more.

What are your goals? I would love for you to share with us.

Blessings and Happy New Years Friends.

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  1. Hi Stacey, we do ship all the time. Just look on our site here and select to ship. Not everything can be shipped though. ex: cakes, cupcakes things that need to stay cold. But, most pastries and breads ship great.

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