Conquering Menopause

I’m fifty two and in the tail end (hopefully) of menopause. Why am I telling you this? Because I believe as women we should be transparent about what is going on with our bodies. I am proud to be in my fifties. I don’t want to look or act like I’m twenty. I’m vibrant, energetic and love life. Menopause has not hampered my life… much.

Of course there have been a moment or dozens that I haven’t been at my best. That’s mostly due to lack of sleep. Sleepless nights have by far been my worse part of menopause. In fact there’s been many times with my family and employees that I’ve said, “It’s not you its me and lack of sleep. Give me space today.” Because, I was transparent, it limited any issues. No one thought I was deliberately avoiding them or if I was short… that it was their fault. That is a good thing. Being transparent about what we are going through really can calm storms before they begin.

I’ve only had a handful of hot flashes. Do you want to know how I conquered those? Of course you do. I came up with a supplement cocktail that works great for me. Vitex, Black Cohash and Gotu Kola. All of which you can get at your local supplement stores.
I take one of each every morning with breakfast and again later after dinner. That’s it! No more hot flashes or night sweats.
Ba-Bam! I’m not promising it will work that way for you, but I’d sure give it a try. It did need to be continuously in my system for about three weeks before it conquered my symptoms.

Now for the sleeplessness I take vitamin C and Magnesium about an hour before bed. This helped with my restlessness. Full disclosure though it did not completely solve my issues. I added melatonin 5mg. For the most part I am sleeping much better, however I do own a growing business and have stressful moments that also keep my mind racing. The only answer I’ve found for those moments (thankfully few) is a glass of red wine. For some reason wine has always made me sleepy. Works like a charm for me and if Jesus and his disciples drank the occasional glass… why not? Is it gluten free? From what I have found in my research if there is any gluten it is in the cork (which is ridiculous). So, do your research and check on that.

Otherwise, I do hope my little menopause bit helped at least one person out there. My husband thinks he needs to do a post for the husbands about dealing with menopausal women. Hmmmm what should I tell him. lol

P.S. As for the dryness issue: Coconut Oil.

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