What does it all mean?

Paleo Trifle

Lately a lot of people have asked “What does it all mean?” What they are referring to is all the diet terminology out there. So, I thought I would help simplify and clarify. Here goes:

Gluten Free – No Wheat or white flour, barley or rye. Nothing fried in oil that has fried things using those flours (you cannot kill a protein with heat only a germ). Gluten is the protein in those flours.

Paleo – It goes a step further and is grain free (usually, but not necessarily), must be at least gluten free.  It is also, dairy free, sugar free, white potato free and legume free.  Always, organic. My preference. 

Keto – Grain Free (low carb), and free of:  any sugars (honey, syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, pure cane sugar).  It is a high fat diet and extremely low carb. Ketosis is the desired effect of this diet and has its benefits.  However, I  was advised by an Emergency Room physician that he has had many patients brought in with some serious issue due to being in ketosis for to long.  So, proceed with caution. 

Vegan – No animal by-products.  

Fodmap – This diet was popular a few years ago.  It has since lost its momentum and is rarely used.  I have never been a fan because it removes much needed antioxidants from your diet and tells you to eat sugar and even artificial sweeteners.  This is a serious common sense issue for me. 

I consulted Dr. Jim Roach with Midway Center for Integrative Medicine about these diets and we both agreed on our conclusions.  Every single human has different needs and their diet should be “individualized” for them.  There is no one size fits all to what works.  What works for me may not even come close to working for you.  Know your body and listen to it.  Our bodies will tell you what it doesn’t want inside it.  Keep a food journal to keep track and you will quickly see.  

This is why at GFM we offer so many options.  We are hoping beyond hope we have something that you can eat that will make you smile.  So, this is the simplified version of what these diets are.  Just carefully, consider which is right for you.  As for the Paleo it is a lifestyle change, not so much of a fad diet.  Any questions now?  Leave a comment and I will be happy to see if I can answer them.  


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  1. Love this email! I’m finding that Gluten-free isn’t enough for my body. Dairy and grains seem to becoming an issue. Really thinking about Paleo. I’ve been gluten-free for 15 years.

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