Celiacs and Dairy

My friend and long time loyal customer Alex Franke and me.

A few years ago a newly diagnosed customer came into the bakery and had a panini. Not long after she left she phoned questioning me. Told me she was just positive she had gluten in my place. I assured her we have very stringent guidelines and that everything is gluten free. She said she had the same reaction she’d been having and that it was all she had eaten.

I asked her if she had cheese on her sandwich and she did. I explained that often times (but not always) someone will have the exact same reaction when they eat cheese. You see casein, the protein in dairy, genetically looks almost identical to the gluten protein. So, when a celiac eats it they could have the same reaction. It literally tricks the immune system and it responds in protest.

My son Connor will eat a GF pizza from our bakery so we know it is safe. He will even get light cheese on it and doesn’t have a reaction every time. But, after a few times BAM it hits. It’s so weird how it works. While I have many customers whom say they don’t have any issues with dairy, I have equally many who cannot tolerate it. Connor was tested to see if he had a dairy (casein) allergy and he did test in the sensitive range, but not a full blown allergy.

The morale of this story is if your still having issues after going gluten free, have a look at casein the protein in dairy. Oh and it’s not the lactose (sugar) doing it, it’s the protein for sure. My friend I told you about has gotten so healthy and eats a completely gluten free and dairy free diet. She even just became 2019 Miss Kentucky and her name is Alex Franke. So, please join me in prayer for her as she enters the Miss America Pageant this fall.

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  1. Wonderful story, I am also allergic to gluten and casein. Congrats to and prays for our new 2019 Miss Kentucky.

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