A Spring Thing

This time of year we all get a little spring fever. Things are starting to have buds pop out or even bloom. Then we have this thing called the SUN showing itself far more than we’ve seen in months. Birds are chirping and bees are buzzing.

For us here at the bakery we are also buzzing about making new flavors. Our flavor picks this month are Lemon and Raspberry. Look for them in other items or featured all month. Like our Raspberry swirl Cheesecake Bars or Lemon Bars. Also, featuring our Easter Delight Cake with layers of Strawberry and lemon. Imagine the most moist cake possible with strawberry frosting and lemon curd in side. Oh my, it is heaven on earth and available to order right now for Easter in two sizes.

We honor our Lord and Savior with our dedication to you our customer. Need help with any baking issue, ask us or email Denise: denise@glutenfreemiracles.com. Our goal is to be a blessing to you on your journey.

We also love to hear from you with ideas and thoughts. Comment below or email us.

Happy Spring.

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