How to use our Pizza Dough

Hi friends.  Connor is going to show you how to use our very sticky gf pizza dough that you may purchase at Gluten Free Miracles, Roberts Health Foods or Whole Foods Markets in KY.  Some of you have said you didn’t understand how to work with it because it is so sticky.  I totally understand.  Gluten Free doughs are very sticky – hence “no gluten”. Watch Connor control the dough.  Our motto at the bakery is:  You control the dough.  Now take that with you to your kitchen and take charge.

You will need a pizza pan, parchment and tapioca flour/starch. Of course you’ll want sauce and toppings of choice. Once you get the hang of the dough, it really is simple to use. Just like most things in life it just requires a little patience and practice. But, is so worth it.  Warning:  It’s a rough video.  We are bakers not videographers.  lol

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