Two Years and Counting…

We can hardly believe our little Gluten Free Miracles Bakery & Cafe’ has been open for two years.  We hit the ground running and like most brand new concepts had no idea what we were doing.  I can honestly say that we have learned much in this journey. 

I’m proud that our products are consistent and wonderful.  We have helped so many people to have a richer quality of life and heal.  You truly can “heal” through food.  I often tell people one of the most important decisions you make every single day is what you put in your mouth.  The origin of your food really is crucial.  

That’s why we focus on non-GMO, hormone & steroid free, and Organic.  If it’s available this way, that’s the way we roll. I healed my own son Connor through food.  Eating “clean” is not a new concept.  America as a society however tends to live to eat instead of eating to live.  Many other countries do not allow artificial colors or preservatives.  They don’t allow GMO anything.  Did you know that USA doesn’t export much food?  That’s right most other countries don’t want our food. 

Yet here we are American’s eating the unnatural unhealthy killing us foods and getting more and more sickly all the while.  I personally know so many people who are miserable.  They have a great deal of pain all over (RA, Lyme, Fibromyalgia) or they have ongoing heartburn, gastro distress and brain fog.  All of which is can be improved or completely healed if you stop eating the triggers.  

Is it really that simple?  Stop eating the foods that my body doesn’t want in it?  Feel better.. Have a better quality of life and live!  Hmmm… I think we actually may be on to something… 

Your thoughts?

Well, here’s to many more years of eating well together. 

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