Travel is Brutal… no joke.

We finally had our BIG 20th Anniversary vacation from 2020. My husband Scott and I flew from Kentucky to Portland spent a day and a half then flew on to Hawaii. Our stay was in Kona on the Big Island. Our travel took us from KY to Dallas with 6 delays. Then to Portland. From Portland we had three delays and had to fly into Maui. Then we had three more delays before we flew into Kona. Can you say exhausting? We had been warned, that is why we chose to break up the trip in Portland. Also, I have a lifelong friend that lives in that area. So, the highlight was spending time with my friend Lisa and her family. What a treat!

Well as you probably know eating in airports is more than risky. We did eat at Bahn in the airport. Funny thing is… can’t remember which airport. No problems eating there. I had Pad Thai mild. So, travel is real long when you have such a hard time eating gluten free. For me I also need dairy free and egg free. Triple whammy. Eating on the island was a breeze. Our favortie place was Foster’s in Kona. They were super knowledgeable and even had a dedicated fryer with the fresh catch fried. I know that’s “crazy talk”. Our friendly Find Me Gluten Free App lead the way while on the island. Thai was another favorite. As you likely know they mostly use peanut sauce not soy sauce. We never got sick.

A week after our arrival my son Connor flew out. We had such a nice time. We have Birthdays three weeks apart so we planned and went to a Luau to celebrate both. It was so much fun. Food options not as great as we’d liked, but hey we could eat. Attending a Luau like visiting Hawaii was on my bucket list.

The thing is we didn’t travel together and were on completely different airlines. Connor flew out on a Saturday night to return home. He arrived in LAX at 6:30am (time change is 3-4 hours depending on daylight savings because Hawaii does not observe it. He originally was suppose to fly out at 6:45am. Flight was delayed over and over so many times he lost count. He ended up their 7 hours. Each delay was 20-45 minutes. He didn’t feel comfortable going to look for food and leaving his gate in case they actually boarded. He had 3 granola bars, fruit and Skinny Dipped pb cups I sent. That was it at this point his last meal had been at 5pm the night prior. He’s a good size man. He was sure hungry. Now Delta attendants did give him tons of plain chips and pistachios to try and keep the hunger at bay. In the end he flew to Atlanta and was back in Kentucky by 12:45am traveling for well over 24hours. He asked his girlfriend to cook him some food and bring it with her when she picked him up. What a sweet young lady.

We had similar issues heading back on American and Hawaiian Airlines. It took one full day with Hawaiian to get less than a 5 hour flight back to Portland. Absolutely ridiculous! I risked it and ate in Hononlu and within 45 minutes became violently ill. I’m telling you what, being a celiac and traveling is no joke. It would be hard in these times for anyone traveling to take so many delays and unknowns… plus time zone changes. You lose six hours. But with Celiac it takes it to a whole new level. The airlines would feed meals to everyone but me. I asked Hawaiian why when we booked, it asked if I had any dietary needs. They said it always asks that but it is only for international travel. No gluten free food for our planes.

I’m not just venting I’m warning you: Travel at your own risk and be prepared. I had snacks. But, eventually you just are desperate for a meal. That is when it can get scary. The delays you hear about on the news are very real. I feel real sorry for the gate attendants. They get the brunt of it. I sure hope they are compensated double right now.

We all survived and are back safe in Kentucky. The thought of traveling again nauseates me. Connor sent me a text: “Flying is no fun, no fun at all.” We all loved The Big Island (more local less commercialized), but going back? Not sure about that, only because of the travel. No Fun at all.

Do you have any travel experiences to warn about? Great ideas to help us navigate travel? Won’t you please share?


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  1. Wow!! What an adventure. We have traveled a lot to California and it is my favorite. Lots of gf options and usually the menu is labeled vegan…
    I traveled to isreal 13 years ago and I had a tour guide with me most of the time. He was helpful and I only had had one close call. I was eating chicken but it was not safe. My tour guide saved me . My doctor recommended to bring lots protein I. Your suitcase when you travel. I am allergic to peanuts and several other things also. I usually travel with my almond butter, quest bars and protein snacks . It is always helpful. My advice is to always have food with you. Better to be packing than starving .
    Happy travels!!

    1. HI LIsa, I totally should have packed us a cooler bag with a true lunch. LIke you said meat or the like. I sure do that when we drive. I’ve heard crusie ships are great for feeding us gf people. Thanks for the recommendations. Hugs.

  2. Oh my word I am so very sorry!!!!

    I have not flown in years and it is partly because of my food allergies! They cannot accommodate us on the planes and with the growing numbers of us developing such severe allergies, I find it ridiculous that the airlines can’t do something even if it is to produce a simple salad with vining at and oil.

    I hope I will never have to fly again!

    1. Linda I feel like that too. Although I love to travel and whenI’m over this trip I’ll likely try again. Hoping the airlines are better about the chronic delays and I’ll take a packed lunch. lol Thanks for your input. Hugs.

  3. I completely understand the pain of travel with celiacs. Our daughter, now 20, learned cery early to have a travel snack or two or three. Eating out away from home is always risky and some restaurants just don’t get it. They think it no is no big deal. It is. We even ended up opting out of her meal plan in college because they couldn’t really meet her dietary needs. Glad you home safely and now nourished

    1. Well Ellen we all know that traveling with celiac can be rough enough. Yes with the ongoing delays it was horrendous. But, alls well now that we are safely back in KY.

  4. I have been traveling extensively since 2020 due to my grandson being born in June of that year. The delays have only gotten worse over the years. I once had a 12-hour delay in Dallas-Fort Worth trying to get to Spokane Washington. Definitely researching ahead of time the restaurants available at the airport helps. Also, I always carry a loaded backpack with me, just in case. I keep dried fruit, nuts and jerky with me.

    1. Thanks Linda. Yes, we had some trail mix, bars and such. But eventually you just want a solid meal. I know you know what I mean. At least we were not delayed 12 hours at one time for sure.

  5. Hawaii is a jinx. We went two years ago – after being COVID delayed twice. On the first day there I tripped on a loose stone in front of the hotel. Broke my shoulder and wrist. So yeah…not so good lol. But I will say that we didn’t encounter all the delays you did.

    1. Oh man that sounds just awful. I guess at least that didn’t happen. Although my son may agree with you. He had a runin with a sea urchin and lost. Poor guy. No fun at all.

  6. Wow I have heard stories of the delays, sorry you had that experience. I also have several main food allergies and am looking at a trip to Arizona. I only hope I don’t get delayed. The last trip I had an overnight delay. The only food I had was what I bought with me.

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