To fast or not to fast?

For lent I usually challenge my friends and family to commit to a fast for 40 days. One year it was The Paleo Challenge. I heard of wonderful results people were having both spiritually and physically. One elderly woman said she accepted the challenge and it changed her and her husbands life.

I can certainly understand why. Paleo lifestyle eliminates the main triggers of inflammation. Inflammation is the primary cause of many ailments in the human body. As we age, reducing inflammation is key to optimal health. She removed Refined Sugar, Gluten/Grain?, and Dairy. Not only that you focus on the origin of your food. Organic is key. No preservatives is one of the most important things we can do for our body. Let’s face it friends God did not make us to consume preservatives. Our bodies don’t handle them well.

So of course the couple felt better. They naturally lost weight, they could get out of bed without extra help, they began going for walks because they finally felt like getting out. They were not deprived because they could find lots of healthy breads and snacks at Gluten Free Miracles plus she learned cooking Paleo wasn’t hard at all. Last I heard they had stuck for with the Paleo Life for five years now. Way to go. It truly is a new life.

This year I’m going to Challenge those of you with the “Want to” to try the Paleo Lifestyle. Focus on what you can have instead of what you cannot. You can go completely grain free or gluten free, Still can have many things just nothing derived from wheat, all purpose flour, barley, rye, spelt. You can have natural sweeteners: raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, monk fruit sugar, and raw stevia. You can have grass fed hormone free meat and organic produce. Not limiting the amount as much as the kind. It does make a huge difference. Most people feel fuller eating Paleo than the old way.

If you just can’t commit to Paleo I challenge you to try BREAD Free for the 40 days. No Breads, biscuits, rolls, pop tarts, cereals, waffles, or breading on foods. And definitely no quick foods. I promise you are going to feel amazing. I make wonderful healthy breads…. but sometimes it is good to detox and have no bread in your system. You will feel lighter for sure.

The spiritual benefits can supersede the physical. When you devote the fast to The Lord Jesus it truly helps remove roadblocks in your walk. Try it.

I often say I, like God am no respecter of persons. What that means is it isn’t about what you look like or who you are. Its about taking care of the only you there is. Feeling your best and having a great life.


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