The Challenge

  It’s always been my purpose to serve.  Helping others, helping you.  So, today the best way I know of to do that is to CHALLENGE you.  Reach outside of yourself to gain control of your body and your life.  Eating gluten free is NOT a trendy diet.  It’s a lifestyle that many MUST have.  Granted if you are reading this you likely are on the gluten free wagon.  But, there’s so much more to gaining control over our bodies.  

Theres the trifecta of toxic foods that cause chronic health problems in our bodies. Everyone is developing all kinds of auto immune diseases because of the foods they eat.  Used to, all you really heard about was Heart Problems, Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity.  Not any longer.  Now we have so many more things going on.  Here’s the culprits:  Sugar, Gluten and Dairy.  All of which cause there share of inflammation in our body.  Which is the leading cause to the effect you have.  You likely know by now why gluten is so bad.?  Its been so genetically altered that where it used to be 80% protein and 20 %  gluten (early 1900’s) that is completely reversed.  Did you know that gluten is the most difficult kind of protein to process?  No wonder so many people have developed and are developing an intolerance or have celiac disease.  It’s been known for a long time that GMO glutenous grains are toxic.  There are countries and even continents that have out-lawed GMO foods.  Why hasn’t the USA done this?  That’s a real good question now isn’t it…

Too much fructose (sugar) in any form is toxic.  However, in a natural state much less so.  Raw honey, pure maple syrup, raw sugar, coconut palm sugar, raw stevia are all natural ways to sweeten without the same effects of refined sugars. we use them a lot in our baked goods. 

Dairy is another inflammation trigger.  It is also a commonly known to cause IBS and Eczema as well as many other disorders.  Not only does it cause you to swell up, but it causes those with celiac to often think it is gluten.  They look genetically similar in structure tricking your immune system into thinking one is the other. 

Here’s where the challenge is:  Give it all up for 30 days and see how you feel.  You will be amazed how much our bodies speak to us.  Listen, maybe even keep a journal.  Be honest about what you’ve eaten and how you feel.  After the 30 days add one of those foods back.  But, only one.  Now, how do you feel?  Write it down.  Wait at least a week before adding another and so on..  Listen to your body.

Personally, I recommend going completely Paleo.  No Grains/Gluten, No Sugar, No Dairy, No Potato, No Legume with the strongest focus being on the origin of the food.  Organic non-gmo is a must.  The origin of our foods really is what we should all focus our attention on.  Non toxic foods = great quality of life.  

It really is that simple,  Here’s where we can help.  At Gluten Free Miracles we make great Paleo Breads, Paleo Muffins and Paleo Cupcakes and Cookies.  You do not have to feel deprived when you do this.  Yes, I own a bakery and yes I’m suggesting you go give up sugar.  But, only because I know how much better you will feel. Plus, we have other great foods you CAN have.  Our Cafe’ has amazing healthy organic non-gmo options every day.  

Recipe:  Paleo Chicken & Dumplings = 1. Begin w/our Paleo Pizza Dough (Available at GFM or Whole Foods Market in Lexington or Louisville KY). 2. Roll dough out on pastry cloth or matt sprinkled with tapioca flour/starch. Cut into 2×3″ squares. About ⅛” thick.  Thicker if you like doughy dumpling.  3. Bring stock pot with half Chicken Broth and ½ water to a boil.  About 32 oz each.  4. Add 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp black pepper and 1 tsp dried thyme.  Drop Dumpling into pot and cook covered for 20-30 minutes or desired texture. In the meantime have some cooked chicken breast  (about 4) cooled and ready to shred or tear.  Once dumplings are done add to dumplings and gently stir as dumplings fall apart easy.  There it is.  If you need to thicken your broth… Mix 2 TBL tapioca flour to ¼ cup water until dissolved and add to dumpling mix.  *Dumpling broth will thicken once cooled.  Enjoy.  

I like Pacifica or Imagine Chicken Broth. 

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