The Camper

My son Connor was adamant he did not want to go to youth camp.  Told me it would be too much work for me.  I knew exactly how much work it would be.  He went to Kid’s Camp a few years ago.  I made all of his meals.  I labeled each and then went to the camp a hour away to meet with the Kitchen Manager.  Since then we’ve opened our GFM Bakery and I’ve been covered up with work.  

I knew he was trying to keep from adding anything else for me to do to my already hectic week.  I also knew he needed this trip.  Two days before he left, he looked frustrated at me and said, “I can’t believe your gonna make me go to camp.”  

Cut to after camp: Connor = “I had the most amazing time.”  “Camp should last for two weeks and they may offer that next year. If they do, can I go for two weeks?”.   Talk about a total 360 turn..   You see he went with friends from church that he’s known for most of his life.  Some of these kids have known each other since birth. They were already friends and now they are even more closely bonded.  He also grew spiritually.  This was truly an amazing youth camp experience.. and to think he didn’t want to go.

You and I both know that our kids do not know what is best for them.  That’s why our job is so important as parents to press and push when needed and let up at times too.  This is the reason that spending Father’s Day, Sunday (my only day off) in the kitchen cooking and organizing his meals was a small price to pay.  

I want to encourage you to send your kids to camp.  The experiences the have will last a lifetime and will help create the people they grow into. It will be a lot of work on you, but it will be worth it.  Connor really appreciated it in the end. Our bakery can also help.  We’ve made meals for families to send their kids to camp and supplied Buns, Muffins, Sweet rolls, cookies and more. Just give us a call if you need some help getting your Kiddo’s food ready for  a life changing camp experience. 

In the pic Connor is third from the left.  If you haven’t “Subscribed” we hope you will now.

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