That was then… this is now.

When I think back to how this all started, I realize the beauty in it all.  My son Connor was a very sickly kid.  He caught every virus or infection going around.  He had stomach issues for years and was just plain miserable. Which as his mom made me miserable.  I felt so helpless.  Helpless, that is until I got his diagnosis. 

Finding out he had a severe allergy to wheat and celiac disease was just insane.  Oh My Gosh!  I’d been feeding him whole wheat thinking it was healthy.  Obviously, I had to learn a thing or two.  So I did.  I began researching and learning everything I could about eating clean and about our food in this country.  You know, it really is bad. GMO foods are harmful, so much so other countries even continents have forbid them.  Then when you look at artificial preservatives and dyes, we as human beings are in a losing battle.  Unless, you take action like I did.  

To get my kid healthy,  I only used non-GMO organic ingredients.  This includes meats. No steroids or growth hormones in our meat and definitely no nitrates!  Well, when you take all of those harmful things out, this limits you when you are on the run.  Fast food becomes a thing of the past, as does quick foods.  You begin to plan and take snacks with you while out.  You cook and prepare foods like your grandparents and their grandparents did. My crock pot became my best friend.

What seems like a curse at first turned into a miracle.  Because of his illness, we learned to “do”.  Doing is the key to being healthy and doing right by your family, by you.  I often tell people, “Eat to Live”.  Isn’t that how God intended it?  

Well, low and behold Connor went from being a puny sickly kid to a vibrant super healthy teen.  He is the high school goalie (now that’s tough) and has done MMA and loves to box.  He just about never gets sick and when he does, gets over it super fast. His body is strong, resilient and his immune system couldn’t be better.  Our entire family has become healthier because of Connor.  I’m so thankful, for his diagnosis.  If we never got it, where would we be now?  All sick?  

I hope this will inspire you to take charge of the choices you are making.  I’m not saying everyone has to go gluten free, I am saying everyone just “has” to choose more wisely to have a healthy quality of life.  And yes, gluten is bad because just about everything in this country that has gluten has been genetically modified.

My clarity is 100% better as is my mood and energy levels.  My husbands stomach is a mess and he feels so sluggish if he eats gluten.  He does not have any kind of diagnosis telling him not to eat it, so occasionally he cheats.  He always regrets it.  

Connor at age seven didn’t want to leave the house, now at age fifteen, he’s hardly ever home.  lol

PS –  I want to encourage you to research the food in our country.  For America to be so advanced we are seriously lagging in this area.  FDA guidelines for vitamin levels are too low, they’ve told us to ditch fat (which our bodies, especially our brains desperately need), and they say GMO foods are okay.  One would have to ask why in the world does our FDA  our government want us to eat this way?  They know it is harmful and yet….?  Personally, I think its because of money, power and possibly even a way to control the population.  Heart Disease, Obesity and diabetes means shorter life spans.  If we get cancer, we die and that too keeps the numbers down.  I know this may seem ridiculous to some of you.  The conspiracy theory, but just a theory.  Agree or disagree, but at least think about it. 

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