Random acts of what?

I’ve never hidden that I’m a believer and this is a “Faith” based company from you. I also, don’t brow beat my beliefs over your head. I have customers, friends and family that have many different views and beliefs. So please give me some latitude as I proceed.

Recently, I shared with my oldest son JR that when I’m down, my favorite thing to do to lift my spirits is what I’d like to call – “Random acts of Prayer.”

On the way to work or home or wherever, I pick people that I briefly make eye contact with in the car and I say a prayer for them. I told my son to do the same on the subway in New York City. Who couldn’t use an extra dose of mercy, grace, a blessing or for them just to feel God’s love.

After all Prayer isn’t the least we can do it is the MOST we can do for someone. I love the fact that the person I am praying for has no clue. They cannot stop me.. have an opinion or feel awkward. I’m simply lifting them up and in doing so, lifting my spirits as well. I have found you simply cannot act in this selfless ritual without ending with joy in you.

I challenge you to do the same. “Random Acts of Prayer” might not change the world… but it will change you. Who knows if we make this a thing.. it might change the world. Whose in?

For me, I’m gonna start enacting Random acts of Prayer more and more. Bringing light, love and joy to the world.

P.S. JR shared this with some customers and they were delighted with the idea, saying they were going to start doing it and tell others about it. All the way from Kentucky to NY we are already making a difference by saying a prayer for a stranger.

“Random Acts of Prayer” .. pass it on.

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