Paleo “Our Way”

There are many versions of the popular Paleo Diet.  I’ve looked into all the claims and the substantiated and determined some of it a bit misguided.  For instance, did you know that if a seed doesn’t sprout it is not considered a grain?  The Paleo Diet is a “Grain Free” diet.  I agree, however to tell people not to eat something as wonderful as Quinoa or Buckwheat is ridiculous!  These super seeds are so nutrient rich and high in protein and fiber.  Now, I’ll be the first to agree that eating the seeds straight up or cooked up is sometimes difficult to process.  But, once they are ground into a fine flour, smooth sailing. And it is common knowledge that if you rinse and soak the seeds first that they are kind of like legumes.. much easier to process. 

Once ground into the flour theses amazing seeds are readily available and don’t have to be broken down.  This of course is much easier on your intestinal track.  There is in fact a great deal of controversy on the internet on these seeds sometimes called pseudo grains or super seeds.  A popular author and physician has written in his books that Quinoa is bad because one of the main components – saponins, is too harsh.  While others are proving that this is a very important element in our diet.  

I have had many an instance where a physician says one thing based on his own limited knowledge and hasn’t done his fair share of research.  Often times it is their “opinion”.  Unfortunately, they don’t know everything and simply cannot.  They are not God after all.  Don’t get me wrong I have a great deal of respect for most physicians and call many friend.  

Why not do  Paleo “Our Way” and eat your heart to good health.  Quinoa, Buckwheat and even Flax seed are amazingly beneficial for you.  But, like anything, too much could cause some issues.  Gas for instance with flax.  Eat in moderation and if you notice your are having some issues cut it back.  Our bodies talk to us giving us signs and no two people are exactly the same.  What works for some just doesn’t for others.  

Paleo “Our Way” is a way for eating the most healthy lifestyle and having a few more options.  Our Paleo Breads are deliciously moist, light and fluffy and OMG they are HUGE.  The other Paleo Bread on the market is tiny, dry and crumbly and taste?   Forget about it. This is why our Paleo Breads are flying off the shelves.



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