Will you take the Challenge? My Paleo Challenge.

Paleo Trifle

A few years ago I challenged everyone to a Paleo Challenge.  The results were astounding. Let me start by telling you what that is.  But, hang on so you can read a followers story.

 Paleo is  = Gluten Free (good), Grain Free (better), Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Potato and Legume Free.

What you get to eat =  Protein, fat (yep that’s right), raw forms of fructose (pure maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, honey, raw stevia), Amazing grain free breads and treats made with things like:  Almond flour, Coconut Flour, or Pseudo Seeds like- Quinoa Flour, Buckwheat Flour (not related to wheat) and Flax meal. You see this way of eating is based on the Paleolithic era and is the way we were originally designed as Homo sapiens to eat.  

The Story:  A Customer, let’s call her Lady M, took my Paleo Challenge for Lent.  She walked into the bakery 41 days later.  First imagine a very classy older lady.  She put her hand on her hip and said, “Denise, I accepted your challenge.”  She then approached the counter and added, “I am so thankful I did.  My husband and I have been suffering with arthritis for years.  I had to have help getting out of bed.  He never felt like doing anything but watching TV or reading.  This way of eating has changed our lives.  I no longer need his assistance getting out of bed.  We both look forward to outings, even long walks outside.  In fact, we feel so good we have decided to do something we’ve always dreamt of and just never felt up to.  Ballroom Dancing lessons.  Denise, I cannot thank you enough.”  

Here’s the thing she bought our Paleo Breads, muffins and cookies.  So they never felt deprived.  Plus, when you eat this way it is high in fiber and protein so you get full quicker and stay satisfied longer.  With the removal of sugar, cravings cease. She went on to tell me her husband had lost 24 lbs. and she 16 lbs. They did not do this challenge for weight loss, that was just the added benefit after the 40 days. What a blessing it was and still is for this seventy something couple. 

Paleo can transform your life.  But, the most important part is to go to the source for your food.  I’m talking where did it come from? How was it raised or grown? Paleo is Organic Non-GMO.  Never preservatives, hormones, dyes or artificial anything. Going paleo for Lent or for the Heck of it, could quite possibly be the single best decision of your life.  Taking control of your body, your life. You will reap rewards like better digestion, clarity, ability to remember better, weight loss to your designed weight, less inflammation or none, improved cardiovascular health due to less inflammation, and energy… oh so much more energy. 

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  To good to be true? But, its not.  This is the way God intended us to eat. It was how he provided food for our ancestors.  Some will say I just cannot give all that up?  Really, just do it for the 40 days and see how easy it is.  Once the junk is out of your system you quit craving it.  You are a powerful being, the greatest of all species, you were given will power.  Use it!  

Sources:  Grain Brain, by Nuerologist David Perlmutter M. D. ; 

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