Mother’s Day

As a mom of two I see the true value in having a special day once a year to honor our Mothers.  Being a mom takes a lot of commitment. Especially when the child has Celiac disease, gluten intolerance or food allergies.  A mother’s dedication to her child is the reason she stays so driven in search of safe food options.  

When I think of my own childhood my grandmother was a primary influence. She was a from scratch cook. I learned so much from her. Almost all of my younger memories of her she was in the kitchen.  I remember smells and tastes.  Of course I never realized how much work all that cooking and baking was.  I even remember her ironing pillow cases she’d brought in from the line. She set quite an example of unconditional love.

I often think what would it have been like for Granny if one of us or my mom had Celiac or a food allergy.  I think it would have been hard for her to grasp in accordance with the times.  She was and an amazing mother and grandmother.  I strive to be even the smallest measure of her.  All mother’s that care diligently for someone with special dietary needs should be held in high regard on Mother’s Day.  It isn’t easy.  Our hope and prayer is that we feed our families healthy delicious foods that won’t make them sick. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of moms since opening GFM.  Courageous, loving women who will forgo sleep, spend endless hours baking and rearrange their lives to accommodate their child’s needs.  

No not all moms are created equal.  But on this one day a year I say “Here’s to you Mom’s out there. Bravo.”

Now don’t forget to do something extra special for your Mom this Mother’s Day. Although, as seen in this picture a simple wild flower will make her smile.   

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