Miracles really do happen

There have been so many times in my life that I have witnessed a true MIRACLE. Today I’m sharing a some.

When Connor was in kindergarten he came home not feeling great. Said his legs hurt. Didn’t eat any dinner and just wasn’t his usually energetic self. He had a low grade fever of 100 so I wasn’t too worried. Then in the middle of the night I felt someone shaking me. I sat up, but no one was there. As soon as my head hit the pillow someone shouted “Go to Connor Now!”.. I didn’t event hesitate. I jumped and ran to him. Only to find him dripping wet with sweat and unconscious. You see he had a 106 degree fever at this point.

At the time I was so focussed on my child I didn’t give the voice that yelled a thought. But, later when he had received medical care for bacterial pneumonia and the fever was down to 104 (Still high but not nearly as alarming…) that is when I remembered that voice. The doctor said if he’d stayed at the 106 temp for much longer without care he would have likely went into a coma and much worse. The voice saved his life. Was it his Angel? I believe it was.

I see small miracles all the time. Daily all around me in the bakery and at home. I ask my now 19 year old to help me stay awake by playing yahtzee with me and he does. Ya’ll that is really a miracle. lol My husband had dinner all ready to go into the oven when I walked in tonight and it turned out delicious. Trust me another miracle. I pray for a coworker when she isn’t feeling well and she perks right up. I forgive someone an offense and blessings abound. Miracle miracle miracle.

I believe there are Miracles all around in everyday life. But sometimes the extraordinary will happen.

At our sweet bakery we bake Miracles all the time. Have you been in? Then you know. They tell me our Biscuits are nothing short of a Miracle. What you may not know is many of the products we make came in a Miracle kind of way. Like I’ll go to bed and awake with a recipe to try, things like that.

When I first started the gluten free journey in my home all those years ago, if something I baked turned out being halfway good we all felt it was a miracle. So many things went straight into the trash. In fact that is why Connor wanted to name our place Gluten Free Miracles from our rough start. If we liked what I baked we really felt it was a miracle. Now we bake Miracles for all.

Have you experienced any Miracles you’d like to share? I would love for you to tell us about in the comment section below. I feel reading about miracles helps others to see the ones in their life.


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  1. I am so thankful to find somewhere that is serious about the “gluten free” concept. So many people either roll their eyes like I am trying to do a fad diet or act like, “just one bite won’t hurt you”. I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago and it is amazing what you can learn in just a week when you have to. The cross contamination was much more overwhelming to me than the eating gluten free. I finally came to the conclusion that I would simply have to cook every single thing I eat from now on. I would just take my lunch box from work out to eat in restaurants when we go out. I live in Virginia and live about 3 hours from you but I look so forward to trying your food! Thank you, Thank you ….THANK YOU!

  2. We all need to stick together that is for sure. Support is key. But, it really is becoming more and more common with so many more options out there. Even if the family or friends don’t get it, we know. I don’t judge their lack of understanding and love them right where they are. I hope you get to visit with us soon Kathy. Bring a cooler to stock full and take bake and freeze. 🙂

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