Love The Skin Your In

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After years on this gluten free journey, I can honestly say all of our attitudes have changed. In the beginning Connor was very hostile (7-8 then), I was always overwhelmed and my husband? Well,  he was in denial. After a great deal of work educating us all on how to protect Connor. Educating us on every bit of research I could muster, we (I) became experts in our own way. Our journey was never easy, like you we had a great deal of disappointments. We had more than our share of struggles, we just never gave up.

We couldn’t.  Connor’s health, his life depended on us learning and growing with this disease/diagnosis.  We encourage you to learn and learn as much as you can online or through great books like Grain Brain, Wheat Belly and Toxic Staple.  There’s is so much information in those and research stats.  The more knowledge the more you grow, the easier the journey will get.  You may not have Celiac Disease or even a diagnosis, and yet you are here.  You are searching for something that will improve your quality of life of health.  This is truly a life changing avenue.

In the beginning, Connor used the word “Hate” a lot.  Now, he accepts his situation with grace.  He knows more than most kids would ever about health and nutrition.  He makes wise choices when Mom and Dad aren’t around.  He’s healthy and strong and thriving.  He is growing into his own, and loving the skin he’s in.  Honestly, we all are.  As for my husband, he is much more committed and supportive than ever.  Life is good, we just had some bumps in the road along the way.


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