Is Your Nose Clean?

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This morning my son Connor comes running down the stairs with his two dogs sounding like a heard of elephants. He gives me an all to quick hug and says, “Mom will you fix my nose squirter?”

Many of us have struggle with sinus problems. I know so many people who get sinus infection one right after the other. My mom for starters. Did you know that gluten causes inflammation in the sinus cavity and ongoing sinus issues? I’m not going to promise you that if you stop eating gluten you will never have a sinus or allergy issue. I will tell you it helps.

One thing we are huge fans of in our family is the Sinus Cleanse. Ever done one? Netti Pot move over there is a better bottle in town. The sinus cleanse technique adds pressure to the warm sea salt solution. It helps to unclog and push out the drainage.

My thirteen year old swears by it, as do I. He’s done it since he was 8. Whenever he’s get sniffles or stuffed up he asks me to fix his “nose squirter”. He will proceed to go to the bathroom and get unclogged. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever when greenish gunk comes out. Gross, I know but he’s a boy.

I promise you it is amazing. So between No Gluten and the Sinus Cleanse our nose passages are pretty happy. No more antibiotics for infections here.  I recommended it to one of my employees for her husband who is plagued with sinus issues.  She came in the next day and said they both used it and it is amazing!  Why not give them a try, what have you got to lose.

*I bought mine at Kroger and it was $5 less.


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