I’m a Celiac, he’s a Celiac, she’s a celiac… or are they?

People will lie about the darnedest things.  But, lie about having Celiac Disease? Really? Yep, I had hired a girl that told me in her interview she had just discovered she had Celiac Disease and could not eat at the place she was working.  She worked with us for close to a year when she left.  Afterwards, she said she had started eating gluten again and was cured.  Truth be told, she finally came clean that she had never been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  She obviously did not do her research and didn’t know you cannot be cured from it either.  

Now don’t get me wrong I understand why she lied.  Truly, but I have to think, “May you get your wish.”  After all, it has become quite the blessing in our family.  That’s right, I said “Blessing”!  Think about it, if you have Celiac Disease you can’t eat most fast foods or quick foods.  Most preservatives (which you shouldn’t be eating anyway) have gluten so you need to avoid them.  You have to prepare most of your foods fresh. Which means you are more likely to use fresh whole foods. How can that not be better?

With Connor he went from being a sickly little thing to a strapping 5’9 teen.  He’s super strong and hardly ever gets even a cold.  He’s vibrant, smart and happy.  Does he miss being able to just grab whatever with his friends?  Of course, but at the same time he realizes he’s blessed in a different way.  The temptation to live off of crap food has been removed.  Blessed. 

Our entire family eats better and feels better.  Blessed. 

Do the kids at school call him “Gluten Boy”, yes. Does he mind?  No.  He kind of feels special and those students are just his friends.  Still blessed.  

Having Celiac Disease is not a curse, it is truly a Blessing.  Perspective is key.  Understanding is vital.  Help those around you understand that you have something that they can support and help you with.  Celiac Awareness is key.

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