GF and Traveling like Royalty?

When we decided to finally go on a family vacation we knew we would need some help finding a place that would be able to feed us without worry and offer great options.  My husband and I each began looking for a travel agent.  He contacts one from a major travel company and tells her we need a safe place to go.  She says, “How am I suppose to know that?”. He proceeds to tell her it is her job to contact the resorts and research online for reviews from other Celiacs.  She says, “We don’t do that!”.  He tells her, “Why, do I need a travel agent then?”  I contacted one that pretty much said the same thing.  We contacted six agencies with no luck.  Honestly, with the internet I don’t see how travel agents stay in business if they aren’t willing to do the leg work for people with dietary needs. 

I ended up posting on my personal Facebook page my frustration and a friend told her friend Ellen with Memorable Travels about us.  She contacted me and began the process.  She agreed that it was important to find the right fit for our family and that it was her job to find that fit.  All of the other agents told me I just needed to do a cruise.  Even though I was adamant that we did not want to do a cruise.  Ellen listened and began the search.  She found us a hotel in Jamaica and the one we stayed at in Cozumel.  She contacted the Head Chefs and Public relations representatives of each resort.  In the ned we chose the Cozumel Palace because it had wonderful reviews from other celiacs and was in our budget.

Ellen handled all other aspects of our trip.  She sent reminders about our passports and key points for preparing for our trip.  She emailed the public relations rep Isabel to remind her to make sure all restaurants were ready.  We felt very prepared when we left.  Having never traveled abroad I was completely at ease thanks to having found a travel agent that actually did her job. Thank you Ellen Downey. 

The Cozumel Palace was truly paradise.  An all inclusive resort that 100% catered to our every need.  For the first time ever we were treated extra special in a kind way because of our gluten free needs.  They never ever rolled their eyes and treated us like we have the plague, which is often the case if we eat out.  Connor actually said he felt like royalty… yep, they were that good to us.  

For my birthday they had a wonderful table off over looking the ocean and a special dinner of fresh Mahi Mahi (my favorite) prepared.  The Pastry Chef even made me a gf chocolate cake that was divine.  I’m not an easy one to win over in that area either.  High standards and all.  

This resort is Scuba and Snorkeling paradise as it sits out over the ocean surrounded by coral reefs.  I literally would just float and look down watching the sea life underneath me.  By the way, I found Dory’s family.  Made friends with a baby sting ray and had at the best time.

The key for this entire trip is we never lowered our standards.  We found the right travel agent and the right resort.  

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