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It might be a surprise to you (not people who really know me), but I’m one frugal woman.  I only buy something if I “need” it.  My cars are older… but hey they are paid for. 🙂   I rearranged our budget and expenses years ago to accommodate our organic gluten free lifestyle.  To eat well in this country it just cost out the wahoo.  

One thing we have a lot of at our house is protein shakes and smoothies.  Forever and a day we had an old Black & Decker Blender.  Wasn’t the best, but it kept on working.  It’ died recently while Connor was away at camp.  He came home the day after it died and freaks, because he has been wanting a protein shake all week and the blender has died.  So, began my search for a better blender.  

I’m sure it won’t be any surprise to find out that the Vitamix is rated the highest.  At $400 it sure ought to be the best.  My question was how much better is it from the close second?  Which is the Ninja.  In my research there really wasn’t a huge difference.  Then I discovered that Costco had this huge Ninja kit for $129.  The same kit at Walmart is $229.  That’s a huge savings.  I decided that although $129 is still more than I’d really like to pay, I’d give the Ninja a try.  We do use a blender daily. 

The Ninja pulverizes anything and everything I’ve put in it.  It’s been amazing.  We all love it. The attachments are the individual containers with lids and an end attachment that you can use to mix it if you are just making one.  The only downside for me is to twist that one and lock it is difficult for me.  I have small hands and weak wrist. But, overall I’m so pleased with my purchase.  I’m not saying the Vitamix isn’t fabulous, after all I haven’t tried it.  I am saying that for an almost $300 savings the Ninja is wonderful.  

We get our Organic Protein powder from Costco as well.  It’s non GMO, soy free, whey free and of course gluten free. 

Our fav shake:  2 scoops of chocolate protein powder, ½ of a coconut Bai, ¼ tsp probiotic powder, 1 carrot, ½ apple, ½ cup strawberries, ¼ cup blueberries or dark cherries. If using frozen fruit no ice.  If not add ⅓ cup Ice cubes.  Now pulverize and enjoy.  

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  1. BTW = I do not endorse anything for money or free product. This is my Blog and my opinion. Just trying to help you all save a little.

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