How I “over come” Chronic Fatigue


When Connor was in first grade I started really feeling rough.  I would ache all over most of the time.  I was the PE teacher at his school at the time.  When we would pull into the garage I would have to sit and rest before I could muster up the energy to come inside our home.  I would then collapse on the couch.  Making dinner became difficult as my mind was so foggy and my body hurt so much to stand.  All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep some more.  The crazy thing was, at night I couldn’t sleep.  Everything hurt too much, my legs would spasm and I stayed in a constant state of confusion. I also had developed serious IBS. 

Life became more and more difficult to maneuver.  I couldn’t remember little things and cared about little.  Depression had set in.  My friend Lisa told me I needed to try a new doctor.  Mine just kept giving me a new pill with each new symptom.  Never looking at the cause of the problems.  I’d heard about Dr. Jim Roach through a friend whose son had been misdiagnosed prior with ADHD.  Dr. Roach did some testing and discovered a gluten, dairy and sugar sensitivity. Once she removed those three things from her sons diet every symptom of ADHD disappeared. 

When I went in to see Dr. Roach I took a list off all the meds my previous doctor had subscribed.  I had also made a list of all my symptoms/issues.  He took one look and said, “I suspect you have Chronic Fatigue and an allergy to dairy and are gluten sensitive.”  Further testing concluded his diagnosis was indeed correct.  Within one month of removing the gluten every single Chronic Fatigue Symptom had left.  Within days of going dairy free my IBS had begun to heal,  I felt an immediate improvement. 

It is becoming common knowledge that Chronic Fatigue is primarily caused by gluten There are other causes like a virus…. Gluten is the #1 trigger though. Chronic Fatigue isn’t the only auto immune disease associated with gluten.  There are over 250, did you know that?  Fibromyalgia is also much improved if not in full remission by a gluten free and sugar free diet.  Dr. Roach says, “I recommend every patient would have much improved health on a Paleo Diet.”  Paleo is:  Grain Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Potato Free, Legume Free and Organic. Always look at the ORIGIN of your food.  It simply MUST be non-GMO (genetic modified organism/engineered).  

When you wake up feeling like a different person looking forward to the day ahead, you don’t mind changing the way you eat.  Lifestyle changes impact everything and it all begins with our food.  



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