…and everything changed.

I won’t start this post by mentioning the obvious world crisis. Instead I’m going to tell you how I’m handling it. First, I prayed and asked Father for guidance then I cut our hours to 9-3 three days a week. Monday, Friday and Saturday. That meant I then had to do something I’ve never done and I laid off five people. That was really hard. But, everyone handled it quite well and remains hopeful.

Hopeful. That’s the key word. I and my team remain hopeful for our little Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe and for the world. We find hope in the wonderful way our customers have been so supportive and encouraging. You all have show so much love to us the past week. I have no doubt that despite current circumstances which is different in each home, you will do your best to support us.

I just ask you to do the same for everyone. That is your neighbors, friends, the people at your local grocery, doctors, police officers and so on. Support, share and love on- from a distance- all you can. Love is the secret ingredient in our bakery. So as we share it, please you share it. Love trumps hate and evil every time.

I’m sure most of you are aware that we are a faith driven company. I, Denise the owner, feel God is my business partner and father in every way. What you may not know is I never knew my biological dad. I am not one of those folks with a chip on my shoulder about it either. I had my heavenly Father and we are quite close. Recently, I believe I figured out whom someone in my circle really was and that he is my biological. Then I also realized that it just doesn’t really matter. I’m a very happy person. With or without him in my life. He chose without.

Please let me encourage you to do as Lee Strobel did (the famous atheist reporter from Chicago) and do the research or read his book. He set out to prove Jesus and God were not real. In his research he found unwavering evidence of the opposite. He found truth and is now a Pastor. The movie “The Case for Christ” is his story and also quite good. While held up inside during this crisis check it out. Truth may be revealed. Want to talk to someone? I welcome emails and we will discuss anything you like. denise@glutenfreemiracles.com

You see my purpose is to help others, to help YOU with your journey. Whatever that may look like. Food Allergies, Prayer, Guidance in any way I can.

This is a world changing time. Might as well roll with it and stay inside as much as possible, be helpful, loving and kind. So much better than the alternative.

May the grace and peace of my Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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  1. Denise,
    I hope you are your family are well in these crazy times. It’s so nice of you to be do selfless, helping others on their journey.
    Jay Ketchem

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