How I almost “missed” Thanksgiving

Holiday’s are especially exhausting for a bakery owner. I got up on Thanksgiving day and rearranged my family room to make room for the Christmas Tree. Then put the turkey in the oven and laid down for a little nap. I told my son Connor to wake me after an hour and off to slumber I went.

I woke up feeling disoriented yet rested. As I am coming down the stairs in my robe with no make up on yet… I look out he window to see family beginning to arrive. I think to myself, wow they are early. Only to discover as I enter the kitchen that it is time for our gathering. I had slept the entire day away. All I could do was laugh.

There was a time that I would have made sure everything was perfect, including my hair. Nowadays I’m doing good to show up in my own home.
I turned around to greet my family with a chuckle and explained my situation. Tom was overcooked, but not all was lost. I make great gravy and he was still moist enough to chew.

I then gathered the pans I had of Baked Dressing and put them in the hot oven. Asked my niece to keep an eye on them and went to get ready. Although, I definitely considered staying the way I was. Wouldn’t my teal polkadot robe be quite the conversation piece in the family photos?

Ready in fifteen and back downstairs to embrace the evening. Thankfully, the dressing, dumplings, rolls and pies were already prepared (from our bakery) and waiting in the fridge. All the other sides were brought by our guests. We had a wonderful easy meal and no one even seemed to notice that our turkey had been in the oven an hour too long and never was basted.

Because as much as we all love food, all that ever really matters is being with the ones we love. We went around the table and told what we were thankful for. My four year old great nice Dani says she’s thankful for mac-n cheese. My fifteen year old son; “Shelter, food, water.” Wow that’s deep kids. For me, I’m thankful for my blessed life. This business has definitely taken its toll on our family time. It hasn’t been an easy road, I work harder today than anyone I know (my age)… but having this opportunity to enrich other peoples lives, helping them with their journey.. is blessing me more than you.

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