The Trouble with eating at someone else’s house

I was just reading a post on a Celiac group I am a member of here on Facebook.  A lady was so frustrated with how she is being treated by her extended family (parents, siblings) and about ready to go off on someone.  

Boy, I have been there.  You may be there right now.  You cannot help having Celiac Disease and you are not doing it for attention.  The thing is your family loves you and isn’t trying to be hurtful.  They just don’t know any better.  When they invite you over and promise to have something you can eat and it’s a GF Frozen meal and they have a 5 course home cooked meal or when they say we have ice-cream you can eat and it has (non GF) cookies in it.  They really think they did good… until you show your displeasure that is.  

My experience is we all have a few family members, friends or even co-workers that just don’t get it.  My advice:  In time they will start to catch on.  They will learn that this is a real disease with real consequences and they will do better.  Time has a way of smoothing things out for most situations.  However, it is very hard to teach an old dog new tricks… so be careful. 

In the meantime give them “grace”.  You are not perfect, I am not perfect and they aren’t.  If we go somewhere that I have zero control over my food options, I eat before I go or take a snack.  If I’m not hungry at the event I won’t get “hangry” when they don’t have a thing I can eat.  In fact my husband and I have a dinner party we plan to attend in a couple of weeks, and I plan to call to see what food options they will have.  Chances are, I’ll eat prior to going.  That’s okay, we aren’t going for the food.  We are going to be with friends and to have a good time.  

We would love to hear about some of your experiences.  Leave comment below.  Thanks.

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