Living in a “Bubble”

Do you ever feel like you are living in a bubble? If I go here and eat will I get glutened? My extended family jus’t don’t understand how to keep food safe. So, I guess I’ll take my own container of food over. Or here’s a good one, The coworkers or boss gets food for the office and then there is me. If they get me something then it is usually from an unsafe place. I here that one alot.

Just yesterday I did Career day at a school as the special guest and the PTO mom had an individually wrapped cookie she said she made as a thank you gift. It looked amazing and I looked at her thinking is it safe. Then she said it wasn’t gluten free but maybe would be okay this once. Or something like that.

Sweetest lady ever. But still…. no way. If I leave my “bubble” then its like playing Russian Roulette. I know you know what I am talking about. Like at church functions they will put one or two things on the table with everything else and label it “Gluten Free”. No one seems to understand that although that is a sweet effort, the crumbs from all the other things will likely get on it and contaminate. I was at one recenlty and the pastor prayed and said “Well, who wants to go first”? Honey, I sprung to my feet and said “Me”! I was first there and probably surprised everyone. But, I ate safely. Can’t be shy and safe.

I’m a celiac as is my son Connor. We have pretty bad reactions depending on the severity of the contamination. But, I’ve known through my gluten free bakery so many others that have a severe allergy that has even worse reactions. One girl has a ceizure and I’ve met countless others that immediately vomit. Connor has a severe wheat allergy and celiac. He can has EOE reactions.

So, I’m wanting your thoughts on here. How do you live? In a bubble? How do we get out of the bubble or do we? Connor is twenty two and says he is not living in a bubble anymore. He takes regular risks eating out or at friends. He does get sick and often, but he’s as stubborn as they come. I”ve told him the damage it causes his intestines, stomach, esophogus and immune system. Did I mention he’s stubborn.

I strongly inform as kindly as possible the server in a restaurant my condition. I also ask if they undersand what gluten is and then proceed to ask them to tell me. This definitley embarrasses my son. But, I don’t get glutened often. I keep snacks in my vehicle and for church or weddings I usually eat prior or after. Still I know it is a pain. So, tell me what do you do? What is your answer: Bubble or no Bubble?

The photo is of my husband and me recently at The Ark Encounter. We at at Emzara’s Kitchen and it was GREAT! The manager showed me the buffet. All items were labeled for Food Sensativities. He asked what I wanted and went into the kitchen to plate my food there. This controlled the chance of cross contact at the buffet. I’ve never been a buffet person. But, this was high quality great food. They has old fashion fried chicken using rice flour. Pot Roast and so much more. Everything I had was incredible. My husband was equally stuffed with a big smile on his face. Highly recommend. Oh and the ARK is cool too.

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