I’m a Celiac, he’s a Celiac, she’s a celiac… or are they?

People will lie about the darnedest things.  But, lie about having Celiac Disease? Really? Yep, I had hired a girl that told me in her interview she had just discovered she had Celiac Disease and could not eat at the place she was working.  She worked with us for close to a year when she left.  Afterwards, she said she had … Read More

The Challenge

  It’s always been my purpose to serve.  Helping others, helping you.  So, today the best way I know of to do that is to CHALLENGE you.  Reach outside of yourself to gain control of your body and your life.  Eating gluten free is NOT a trendy diet.  It’s a lifestyle that many MUST have.  Granted if you are reading … Read More

Oh the things you can make with a Paleo Pizza Crust.

Don’t you just love a healthy delicious meal?  I know I sure feel good about it.  Paleo is truly the ultimate way to eat.  Paleo “Our Way” is the bomb!  (This is discussed in detail in previous Blog Post).  I was thinking what would you like to see in this months Blog post… The thought occurred to me recipes you … Read More

That was then… this is now.

When I think back to how this all started, I realize the beauty in it all.  My son Connor was a very sickly kid.  He caught every virus or infection going around.  He had stomach issues for years and was just plain miserable. Which as his mom made me miserable.  I felt so helpless.  Helpless, that is until I got … Read More

Paleo “Our Way”

There are many versions of the popular Paleo Diet.  I’ve looked into all the claims and the substantiated and determined some of it a bit misguided.  For instance, did you know that if a seed doesn’t sprout it is not considered a grain?  The Paleo Diet is a “Grain Free” diet.  I agree, however to tell people not to eat … Read More

Random acts of what?

I’ve never hidden that I’m a believer and this is a “Faith” based company from you. I also, don’t brow beat my beliefs over your head. I have customers, friends and family that have many different views and beliefs. So please give me some latitude as I proceed. Recently, I shared with my oldest son JR that when I’m down, … Read More

How I almost “missed” Thanksgiving

Holiday’s are especially exhausting for a bakery owner. I got up on Thanksgiving day and rearranged my family room to make room for the Christmas Tree. Then put the turkey in the oven and laid down for a little nap. I told my son Connor to wake me after an hour and off to slumber I went. I woke up … Read More

How I “over come” Chronic Fatigue

  When Connor was in first grade I started really feeling rough.  I would ache all over most of the time.  I was the PE teacher at his school at the time.  When we would pull into the garage I would have to sit and rest before I could muster up the energy to come inside our home.  I would … Read More

Almost Vegan?

I come in to work and have been working with one of my favorite people in the whole world, Hennessey.  We are going about our individual assignments quietly focussed when suddenly rather loudly she blurts out, “Chicken Nuggets!”  I look up and say, “Excuse me?”  She proceeds to tell me how much she would like to have me make her … Read More

GF and Traveling like Royalty?

When we decided to finally go on a family vacation we knew we would need some help finding a place that would be able to feed us without worry and offer great options.  My husband and I each began looking for a travel agent.  He contacts one from a major travel company and tells her we need a safe place … Read More